9 Year Old Competitive Shooter to Testify to NJ Legislature Against Magazine Capacity Bill

9mm_magazine stock

I’m quite sure this testimony will fall on deaf ears since the back room deal to pass a strict magazine capacity bill in New Jersey has already been struck, but it’s great to see people speaking out regardless.

According to NJ.com, an award winning 9 year old competitive shooter, Shyanne Roberts, will testify before the NJ legislature about how the proposed 10 round magazine limit (down from 15) will negatively impact her.

According to NJ.com, the young competitor is currently on track to receive both a high end competition AR15 and Glock 19 from sponsors for future competitions. However, if the proposed bill should pass, her competitive shooting career might be over before it even gets started,

Now, at 9, the Franklin Township fourth grader is a highly skilled competitive shooter who proudly shows off her second place medal from the New Jersey State Ruger Rimfire Challenge Competition in October, when she beat not one, but two retired police officers.

“When she steps up to the line, it’s like a switch goes off,” her father, Dan Roberts, said. “She’s methodical.”

If signed by the governor, Roberts said the law would force him to choose between giving up the tools that could advance Shyanne’s skills to the next competitive level or leaving the state entirely.

A New Hamspire-based sponsor is currently making a fully custom, $3,000 AR-15 semi-automatic rifle built specifically for Shyanne. Both the AR-15 and a Glock 19 9mm pistol, also on its way to Shyanne from another sponsor, come standard with 15-round magazines, said Roberts.

“If this proposal becomes law, both guns will essentially be worthless for competitions,” said Roberts, also a columnist for Ammoland.com. “Her season starts in just a few weeks and there is currently no ‘grandfathering’ language or exemptions for competitors in the proposed bill.”

What a shame that the NJ state legislature would deny such a promising young competitor the chance to compete in a sport which could lead to anything from a college scholarship to a professional competitive shooting career.


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