Police Chief Under Investigation for Stealing Department Ammo for Personal Use


This police chief decided he just wasn’t even going to participate in the volatile ammo market and made other arrangements to make sure he had enough ammo for shooting.

According to reports, Albuquerque Public Schools Police Chief Steve Tellez is alleged to have stolen several “boxes” (we’re going to assume that means cases) of ammo for personal use. According to the local report, the “boxes of ammo” were valued at $400-500 each.

From ABQ Journal,

The APS police department had ordered four boxes of ammunition for assault rifles, although APS police do not use assault rifles, the official said. Two of the boxes, which cost between $400 and $500 each, are missing, the official said.

Tellez has acknowledged to APS administration that he took one of the boxes for personal use with his own weapon, the official said.

Tellez has been on paid administrative leave since Feb. 24. APS spokeswoman Monica Armenta said last week Tellez was put on leave for a “personnel matter,” not a criminal matter.

I’m going to guess the so called “assault rifle” ammo is 5.56.

As if the ammo market isn’t crazy enough right now we have to read about stories like this.


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