If Ever the Case for Larger Magazines This is It

So our police are professionally trained? They can shoot less and hit a target more? Not the case in this now famous video. The police officer shoots an elderly vet reaching for his cane in his truck. Beyond the sad fact that out of 6 shot he only hit the man ONCE, he also managed to put a shot through the rear truck window which was nowhere near the man.

The officer  was very upset and if more men acted like this upon accidental shootings instead of making excuses the public would be more empathetic.

If a trained police officer with years of gun range experience and a license to kill is unable to take down a make it THOUGHT was a threat, what chance will the nervous Mom or Grandmother have when someone breaks into their home or tries to rape them? Not sure why this video is not being used to push the larger magazine justification. For those who have not seen the video it is below.


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