New Industrial Technology Will Allow .22LR Production to Increase 10,000%!!

22lr stock

As I’m sure you’re certainly aware, the availability of .22LR ammo has been, well, limited in the last few months. Theories about the shortage have ranged from economic to conspiracy in theory.

One thing that is clear, the ammo industry hasn’t been able to crank out the popular rimfire cartridge fast enough.

Now, the Basic Acme Technology Foundation Enterprises (BATFE) has announced a new industrial process utilizing a new piece of patented technology that will allow ammo companies to increase the production of 22LR nearly 10,000% with only a minimal investment on their end.

We reached out to the CEO of Basic Acme Technology Foundation Enterprises to get a statement and received the following response,

By utilizing a piece of technology we are calling Magnetic Augmentation Generation Intrinsic Creation we will allow ammunition companies to finally be able to meet the public demand for 22LR ammunition.

MAGIC will allow ammo companies to instantly catch up to the enormous demand for 22LR in the American market.

Our technology works by extracting raw materials from near earth asteroids and pulling them to earth through low frequency magnetic beams. During the transportation process, our magnetic beams actually begin assembling the raw materials into the basic parts needed to produce the high demand cartridge.

As a final, somewhat sad thought all I can say about the new technology isHappy April Fool’s Day!


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